4 typical signs of a bad Restaurant you should never go back

From time to time we all like going out and visiting some friends, just dating or even to eat).
But unfortunately, sometimes our expectations are blown away — so here you should know how to pick a good place up. Apart from courtesy and cleanliness, there are the significant factors you should look out for before you make the utter choice.


When going to a new place, I usually put my eye into how my food or drinks are brought to me. First of all, the way how the staff bring the drinks to you.
In a classy, high-level place (not necessarily expensive) staff is always trained, so — if you see someone’s fingers on your glass (they should keep the glass by its hand) — run out of that place immediately) That’s not only a bad sign but also not hygienic.

Too much attention

When you have a deep talk and the waiter is coming to you every 2–3 mins. Omg! The funniest situation happened to me when I hadn’t finished my drink yet and the glass figuratively was taken out from my hands)))
Another situation, when the staff interrupting your business talk with stupid mini questions — how is the food? Mostly tiding up the table every 5 minutes, while you are discussing deep business details or even with the pep talk, it’s easy to lose your thought. So, people working in the restaurant should always “feel” the right moment to intervene.

Not pleasant guests

Too loud and too broad behavior, which is obviously irritating other guests. Usually, for example in Russia, almost every place has a security, who can politely walk such guests away or give a correct notice. So, if you feel irritated with someone near by and polite notice to the manager didnt bring the result, — just step away, this place is worth to be left.


I clearly understand if the place has a life or too much evening music, rock, or even club type. I like it, but everything should be at the right time). One morning I had the experience to come to the Starbucks with my work and stuck with the noisy club house music, I was surprised when the staff told me it’s a standard volume….surely not! There wasn’t any one person, there wasn't possible even to talk to. So, I fleet away, after a while, I got to know that place was closed. It’s always nice when the place respects its guests and I am lucky that most of the time I have a sense of peace when I ask to put the music off.

Of course, there are a lot of more different factors to bear in mind regarding the level of the restaurants. I showed you the most common and specific factors that every “high standard” place should always avoid.

Bon appetite.
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